a happy end for t-shirts

a happy end for t-shirts

the panty collection hip-t is exclusively made of one-off items:
each unique piece has been a beloved t-shirt in its former life.
we choose the idea of upcycling to save worn printed t-shirts from their early end. focussing on their characteristic prints, we transform them into new fashion items with a glamourous, sporty or ironic touch. have fun!
we believe using upcycling as a design method does not only reduce textile waste and save energy but also put signs against the incredible fast fashion trend. and: they are absolutely one of a kind!

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we believe in upcycling

the hips-t! pantee collection is entirely made from worn. second hand t-shirts gathered over time. do you have a once loved t-shirt, that now sits and hides in the closet? send it to us and we will customize it to be the new shining star again! cool t-shirt donations are very welcome too!

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